I have been a freelance translator for 24 years with a degree in translation from the University Saarbruecken. In addition to my work as a freelancer I have gained translation experience working for an industrial insurance company and within the public services.

I translate with head, brains, heart and hand. I use modern technology and the internet, of course, but not a translation programm. Machine translation is pretty good, but not as good as me.


When entrusting me with your texts for translation into German or English you can be sure to get a highly qualified translation which meets all of your requirements of lexis, style and meaning.

I specialize in technical translations ranging from mechanical and electrical engineering to gardening, forestry and agriculture. 

I also offer translating texts in the field of science and humanities and literature.


My rates depend on the number of words, complexity of the text and the deadline. For a quote and estimation of the turnaround time, simply send me your contact information or email me.


"Finis coronat opus." Ovid